Reading Amiga Disk Files Using Java

I had a corrupted Amiga IDE drive that some old version of linux had accidentally put a MS-DOS boot block on, so the linux amiga hard drive support didn’t work…

I figured that the amiga file system couldn’t be so hard to read, and in fact it was very well documented.

It turned out to be not so hard to knock something together to read both “FFS” and “OFS”.

Recovering files

I created a file image from the disk dd if=/dev/xxx of=/home/richja/amigadisk.raw

Accessing the files

java -cp amiga.jar net.time4tea.adf.Cli

This will only work for OFS floppies at the moment. To support hard files etc you will need to download and compile the source yourself.

Where is the source?

– To be copied!

Its at

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